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Improvement measures of sprocket
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Improvement measures of sprocket

The service life of sprockets is short and far from meeting the requirements of production practice. According to the use status, processing status and manufacturing technology of sprockets, some improvement measures are put forward for sprockets.

(1) The original sprocket design material is 40Cr, the overall hardness of quenched and tempered HB220-250, and the tooth quenched HRC48-52. This method can not improve the wear resistance of sprockets basically because of the limited hardness of quenching teeth. It is suggested that the material of sprocket should be changed to 20CrMnTi. After carburizing and quenching, the hardness of chain socket can reach HRC60 or above, and its wear resistance is more than 2.5 times that of 40Cr material. In this way, the service life of sprocket can be greatly improved, the frequency of repairing machine can be reduced, the productivity can be increased, and the production cost can be reduced.

(2) The shape of the chain socket of the original sprocket is forged and formed directly, which has large size error, rough surface and reduced wear resistance. With the wide application of NC machine tools and the reduction of their processing costs, it is suggested to leave a little margin after forging and finish by milling in order to improve dimensional accuracy and surface roughness, so as to achieve the purpose of improving wear resistance.


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