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What are the structural classifications of gears?
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What are the structural classifications of gears?

Generally, there are gear teeth, alveolus, end face, normal face, top circle, root circle, base circle and indexing circle.

Gear tooth

Abbreviated as teeth, each of the protruding parts used for meshing on the gears, these protruding parts are generally arranged in a radial manner, and the teeth on the matched gears contact each other, so that the gears can continue to mesh and run.


It is the space between two adjacent teeth on the gear; the end face is the plane perpendicular to the axis of the gear or worm on the cylindrical gear or worm.

end face

It’s the plane at both ends of the gear.

Normal plane

It refers to the plane perpendicular to the tooth line of the gear teeth.

Addendum circle

It refers to the circle at the top of the tooth.

Root circle

It refers to the circle at the bottom of the groove.

Base circle

The generating line of the involute is formed as a circle of pure rolling.

Dividing circle

It is a reference circle for calculating the geometric dimensions of gears in the end face.


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