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Development of Standard Gears at Home and Abroad
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Development of Standard Gears at Home and Abroad

Standard gears are often used as measuring gears or as correcting measuring instruments. Under the trend of improving the precision of the whole machinery manufacturing industry, the requirement for the manufacturing accuracy of ordinary gears has also been improved. As a reference gear, the precision of standard gears has reached an unprecedented height in the world. Most of the ultra-precision gears produced in the world are grinded. Germany, the United States and Switzerland are in the forefront in this field.

The highest grinding accuracy of SRS405 CNC large-plane grinding wheel grinding machine developed by Gleason-Pfauter can reach the DIN1 standard in some cases. The grinding accuracy of 245TWG CNC gear grinding machine produced by the company can reach Q14 level. VUS55P CNC gear grinder manufactured by Kapp in Germany can be used to grind standard gears with DIN2 accuracy. The single error helix accuracy can reach DIN1 level. The matrix precision of diamond roller produced by Swiss Reishauer Company can reach the level of 1-2 of DIN standard, and the grinding accuracy of RZ300E and RZ301S can reach the level of DIN 2.

The domestic gear manufacturing level is low, and the batch production has not reached the international leading level. The highest precision of the gears can reach the third level. The representative enterprises are Beijing Gear Factory, Qinchuan Machine Tool Factory and Changchun No. 1 Automobile Manufacturing Factory. Changchun Institute of Optics and Precision Machinery was once the leader in the research of precision gears in China. Y7431 large plane grinding machine was successfully reformed. The modified grinding machine can grind standard gears with 2-level accuracy.


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