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Standard gear maintenance
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Standard gear maintenance

(1) Standard gears for standard control are generally kept by special personnel to ensure the accuracy of various parameters.

(2) Standard Gears (MG) and Inspection Standard Gears (IG) shall be inspected and calibrated by Standard Control Standard Gears (MCG) ten times after their application. The longest interval of Standard Gears (MG) shall not exceed 5 years even during the period of reducing production.

(3) The interval of re-verification of IG and MG in normal production cycle is not more than 6 months, and the period of production reduction can be extended by quality department, but the longest period can not exceed 9 months. If the standard gear is used to inspect the mark beyond the limit of the mark, the standard gear (IG) is used to scrap the inspection. Re-inspection shows that when the error exceeds ( 0.013), the distribution backlash of standard gear (IG) for inspection should be re-marked. Replacement of standard gear (IG) for inspection requires approval from the quality department.

All imprint and backlash inspection records shall be the main part of the approval documents for standard gears for inspection (IG) and shall be kept by the quality department. If the product stops production or exceeds the inspection period due to production reduction, special verification items of standard gears for inspection (IG) can be delayed, but need to be re-examined before production resumes. In the case of adopting the traditional method or batch production or continuous production, the inspection period of standard gears can be determined to be 12 months. These standard gears should be used only for the inspection of the coloring marks and backlash of the first sample of each part. Standard gears are used to check the zeros of gear measuring machines within 12 months. With the establishment and use of standard gears, the traditional processing methods of spiral bevel gears will be fundamentally changed, the processing cost will be saved, the processing cycle will be shortened, and the meshing quality of gears after assembly and commissioning will be improved.


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