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The Processing Method of Gear
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The Processing Method of Gear

There are two kinds of processing methods for involute gears. One is profiling method, which uses a forming milling cutter to milling the gear groove, which is "imitating shape". The other is the normative method.

(1) Hobbing machine hobbing: can process helical teeth below 8 modulus

(2) Milling machine teeth: can process straight rack

(3) slotting machine: internal teeth can be machined

(4) Cold typing machine teeth: can be processed without chips

(5) Shaping of gear planer: 16 modulus big gear can be machined

(6) Precision cast teeth: cheap pinion can be processed in large quantities

(7) Grinding Machine: Gears on Precision Motors can be machined

(8) Die-casting machine teeth: most processing non-ferrous metal gears

(9) Gear shaving machine: a metal cutting machine for gear finishing


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